Monday, February 2, 2009

"Stingy" Spaghetti

Ingredients used:

1lb Ground Turkey ($1.97*)
Pasta ($1.75*)
Store Brand Pasta Sauce ($1*)
Garlic Bread ($0.75*)

Okay, here is a good example of what to eat when money is very, very tight and time is no longer on your side (both regular occurances in Bella's house - ha!). Bella had to cook something very quick before her husband left for work, so there was no time to run to the shops for additional items. The whole thing cost $1.36 per person. Of course you can add an onion, bell pepper, or mushrooms. Then you'd be looking at closer to $2 per person. Bella also had a little chunky salsa remaining so threw that in with the sauce for a added flavor. "Waste-not-want-not", hey Bella.

*Prices may not be regular cost as items were purchased with store promo and/or coupons.

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