Sunday, February 1, 2009

CVS SHOP: Paid $0.05 Saved: $30.79 (99.8%)

This was another great find, and again a big thank you to the poster Sculpture_Widow at Hot Coupon World. Bella actually leaped out of bed this morning to get to the store for this deal. CVS had a sale starting today for Electrasol Dishwasher Tabs for 2.99 a box (regularly $5.89). There were $2.50 off coupons, of which she had 5. Bella also had a $3.79 Extra Bucks Coupon, her total came to negative $1.34 so she grabbed a box of Werthers candy for $1.39 to make the difference, and ended up with a $0.05 total! Even better (oh yes it gets better!!), all the boxes came with five extra tabs, so really it was like getting 6 boxes!! Ha! To think, Bella was going to lounge in bed waiting for breakfast and a cup of tea (guess she instinctively knew she would have better luck at the shops)!!

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