Saturday, January 31, 2009

Groceries: Paid $3.55 Saved $16.30 (82%)

Thanks for the 'heads-up' from "dwshrty77roc" on the Kroger forum at Hot Coupon World for this deal. Bella learnt that milk would be $1.99 a gallon, on a three day special at Krogers. They also have the Mega Deal event still running, buy 10 participating items, receive $5 off. Bella still had five $1/2 Glade Air Freshener coupons to use, these are on sale for $0.96 each, which would mean she would have overage of $0.40 after the store promotion and coupons. The overage was applied to the two 1 gallon milks, making them $1.77 each (Bella normally pay $2.99 at Krogers)! That's the cheapest gallon of milk she's had in a long time, and comes at a great time for her $4.39 a day challenge.
Here is the breakdown of the transaction:
2 x 1 Gallon Milk
reg price $3.50; promo price $1.99
10 x Glade Air Fresheners
reg price $1.29; promo price $0.96
Sub -Total = $13.58 - $5 Mega Deal - $5 Qs
Total = $3.55 (0.03 tax was taken-off)

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