Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Tires - No Dough

This is why in March Bella WILL be building up an emergency fund of $1000. Having spent all morning figuring out the household budget only to find they had $131 to last until February 14th, her husband informs her they need a new tire. This is of course something she can't put off. Bella has no idea how they will pay for it, well there are four options:

1. Get a whole new set, get 90 days same as cash, but they have to spend a minimum of $200.
2. Have a yard sale Saturday and hope they can come up with $50.
3. They have $98 left on an emergency credit card, use $50 of this.
4. Hide under her duvet, and pretend none of this is happening - ha!

Option 1 does not appeal to Bella, whenever she has done this in the past, she have always failed to pay within in the 90 days and ends up with interest whacked on. She really doesn't want to do Option 3 as they made a resolution not to use Credit Cards, unless it was for medical expenses.
Guess, Bella is off to Craigs List items and hope the weather is nice for Saturday. Now, if you'll excuse her, Bella has a duvet to hide under.

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