Friday, December 19, 2008

Grocery Shop: Saved $24.16

This is definitely a coupon brag! Bella loves playing the "how low can you make your total at the register" game. Even her husband is getting enjoyment of watching the number tumble down. She managed to get all these items free. Two toothpastes, instant potatoes, a tub of cool whip, three packs of bath tissue, and a pack of diapers all free. When trying to keep on budget there is nothing better. All high quality brand names, so there is no scrimping on quality.

Bella also managed to get Egg Nog (Was 2.99, paid 0.99) and Philadelphia Cream Cheese (was 1.25, paid 0.75) for under a $1, by "stacking" the coupons and store card together. This week's savings totaled $24.16! Remember, when you throw away coupons you are throwing away cash. Don't forget to check out Hotcouponworld, to assist you with your couponing, and enjoy your savings!


The free items were completed in three trips at Krogers here are the coupon combinations used.
Trip one: Cottonelle overage of 0.31: (cellfire 0.50 and MFQ 0.50 doubled)
Coolwhip Free: (IP $1 and Kroger had it 10/$1 offer)
Colgate Free: (Cellfire 0.50 and 0.75 MFQ, Kroger had it 2/$5 so overage from Cottonelle helped with rest)
Instant potatoes: overage of 0.30 ( MFQ 0.35 tripled and Shortcuts 0.35)
Trip two:Huggies (Store offer spend $16 get $3 off, and two IPs $1 off and cellfire Qs $2 and $1.5. Each of the huggies were $9.99 so with overage from other items made this free).
Colgate - same as above except this time had a $1 off Q combined with the cellfire.
Cottonelle, exactly the same as in trip one so overage of 0.31.

Trip three: Cottonelle : overage of 0.31 (short cuts Q 0.50 and MFQ 0.50 doubled)
Phew ... Bella hates math!!


ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

This is GREAT! I would love to hear the breakdown of coupons you used to score such great savings.

Site Creator said...

I've added the coupon logistics to the post :)