Thursday, December 18, 2008

Firing The Phone Company: Saved $700

As the Household Financial Director, (Bella loves coming up with new titles for housewife), it is her job to create the budget and pay the bills. However, she must confess the phone budget was one she was having trouble keeping. The problem? Bella loves to talk - no brainer, right?! Though, with all her family living overseas, the calls quickly mounted up. With AT&T, Bella racked up a bill one month for $400. Yes, you read it right $400. So she switched to Comcast, who offered a great deal at the time for international rates. Her monthly phone bill then averaged $60 ($20 for the line and $40 for international calls). Not so bad. But when you make the decision to quit working entirely you have to tighten those purse strings even tighter. The phone bill had to be decreased.

Bella had two options. One, talk less. Umm, Bella didn't think so. So for option two, look for a better rate. Thankfully that week she saw an offer for MagicJack. This product allows you to cancel your phone line and have phone access through the Internet. Bella paid $39.95 for the device which also included a year's subscription, her parents also purchased one and know we are able to talk for $20 a year. Yep! $20 a year!

Even better is that, Bella can make and receive calls around the USA for free too, and she has a normal telephone number. It just goes to show, savings can be found even when you think you have the best offer in town. Like Bella says, "There is always a way to save more". Click on the image below to order your risk free, 30 day trial today!



ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

I am interested in hearing more about this...are they set up with alarm companies like brinks? Living in Houston, I cannot live without a house alarm, but running a monthly landline for that and then paying the alarm fee is crazy.

Site Creator said...

With this you connect the small device to a USB on computer, then connect your phone directly to device. You can then use a normal phone. It basically cuts out the "middle man", a.k.a. the phone companies.

We have had very few problems with ours and as we cannot even consider paying comcast and AT&T, this is a great alternative. my hubby and I also do not have cellphones, as we found them to be an unnecessary evil in our budget. Most people are shocked at this - but after the major withdrawl of letting them go, we could never imagine having them again.