Friday, October 16, 2009

Time To Reinvent The Wheel?

Not in my busy/hectic/manic day! I would love to be able to write all the coupon inserts we are expecting this Sunday. I would love to do all the coupon to weekly ad match-ups. But if someone's already doing the job as well as I would, or better, than that is bad time management. Time is money, afterall. So instead of reinventing the wheel I recommend all the sites below for your coupon previews and match-ups!

Sunday Coupon Preview has the details for two inserts this Sunday, Redplum 10/18 and Smartsource 10/18 . Remember inserts will vary by region, so check the paper before you ransack the 99cent store, or the man that stands on the corner (although it will make his day!) for a dozen or more!

For coupon to weekly ad match-ups check out all the links below, provided by Deals on Wheels:

Winn Dixie

I was approached by Amanda and Heather from Deals on Wheels to help with the match-ups (it was a great compliment), but I can't commit to it at the moment. They both have great blogs and I hope you take the time to visit them!

Anyway, as time is money, I am going to use the time I saved on the above and freebie hunt, pull coupons for shopping tomorrow and perhaps ... housework.

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Happy Budgeting and Freebie Hunting!!


Heather said...

I've given you a blog award. Check it out!

Budget Bella said...

Thank You Heather!!