Thursday, October 15, 2009

Krogering, Randalling, Bartering

Wow, it's amazing what can be gathered in an hour and a half! Careful planning, the Kidiwinks fueled, and a patient Husband to drive me to three locations (he got to entertain the little ones in the car). You see, I am learning to drive (aged 31), so at the moment can only get the deals between 5 - 7pm and the weekends. I'm hoping when I finally drive my stockpile will increase, and I can start getting in on the Walgreens and CVS deals. At the moment, I focus my couponing on the groceries, otherwise the children would forever be in the car!

Gathering #1: OOP $0.00, Saved $4
The Preschooler was in desperate need of toothpaste. She needed it ... hmmm ... about two weeks ago. Being the frugal, budget-mindful Mom that I am, I cut the top off the current one and have actually scraped it clean. I could have bought a new tube full price, but I kept convincing The Husband, I would get a deal. And I did!
I bartered with Kimberly, and for two $2/1 IP Huggies Qs (print here), she gave me this:

Gathering #2: OOP $1.09 Saved $17.87
I don't grace Randalls with my presence too often. It has to be really worthwhile to get me in there. But lately there have been some good deals, IF you use multiple loadables and paper manufacturer coupons together ( 'stacking'). Off I went randalling, and was lucky enough to get the following:

The lady behind me actually told me my savings were impressive (blush), and wanted to know how to go about it. I told her to checkout HotCouponWorld, and am kicking myself for not telling her about my blog! This transaction earnt me a $2 OYNO and the cereals had $2 in coupons on the back! For the transaction details click HERE.

Gathering #3: OOP $8.48 Saved $22.57
The last stop of the evening was Krogers. They had a few MegaDeal items I wanted in on. I wanted to do three transactions, but my freezer after this lot is full! I need a second freezer. Dave Ramsey's plan does not allow me a second freezer until 2011. For the transaction details click HERE.

Not bad for an hour and a half. Not bad at all.
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Cassie said...

Great deals! I need to get a new freezer myself. A nice big deep freezer in the basement (where my stockpile is) would be awesome. I'm saving for one right now and will be very excited when I have enough to go out and buy one! :)