Sunday, September 20, 2009

Martha Stewart Craft Sets $2 each at Big Lots!

Saving With Sara recently blogged about a great deal on Martha Stewart Crafts. Bella has been buying small Christmas and birthday gifts for her eldest daughter. She will be 4 the first week of December, so that month really squeezes the already wringed out budget. Well Bella got lucky and bought the 3 you see above for $2 a piece. She has previously seen these in Walmart for a lot more than this! The Toddler (who after December will be loving renamed The Preschooler) , is sure to love these!!


Sara said...

Thanks so much for linking me! I'm glad you were able to find them at your local store. They are sure to be a hit with your daughter! :)

A.Marie said...

I went over to Sara's blog also, and checked out her pictures. Lucky you...We don't have a Big Lots anywhere near my small-town, and I also love Martha Stewart anything and everything! :)