Monday, September 21, 2009

Couponing and Bartering For Baby Products

On Saturday, Bella was able to acquire cheap and free baby products for Baby Bella. Huggies Diapers for what will be a final OOP of $3.10 and a FREE pack of Walgreen's brand baby wipes.

The diapers were purchased from CVS using a $5 EB and a $2 IP. Bella also had a $1.50 Upromise Ecoupon loaded on her card and will claim $0.75 back from Caregiver at the end of the year.

The wipes were from a barter with Kimberley, who blogs at Just Frugalicious. She was in need of a couple of coupons, which Bella had. The two of them had a quick email and a barter was agreed (the coupons for a pack of wipes). Both coming out with something that they both needed!

Two good examples of how to use couponing and bartering to pay little OOP for essential care items for the baby!

Happy Budgeting and Freebie Hunting!

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