Saturday, July 11, 2009

Outlet Mall Shopping - Saved $109.46

Bella headed to the outlet mall this morning. The two girls (Toddler and Baby) needed clothes. It seems they outgrow everything so quickly, even when Bella purchases a size larger. To be fair, The Toddler until last night was still in her Christmas PJs! Fed-up of seeing her in candy canes, Bella declared to The Husband, it was clothes shopping time. So this is what she got:

She paid out of pocket $73.48. This worked out as $4.89 per item. Had she paid the full RRP, it would have cost with tax $182.94, or $12.20 per item! And she received two coupons for a future shopping visit.

This is where Bella's new modest income has really helped out. Bringing in an extra $300 a week has already proven to be a big help. It will have helped towards paying down the debt and a portion each month is set aside for clothes, homeware etc.

Happy Budgeting and Freebie Hunting!!

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2 comments: said...

ok Bella please share.... extra income? Did you recently get a job?

Site Owner said...

I did Elle-tn!! I started doing home daycare for three children. I did this before the baby was born. After a years maternity leave, I thought it was about time I help DH out. It brings in about 1200 after taxes about 16000 a year.

This way I still get to be at home with my girls. Plus as I used to work in Early Years here in USA, Japan and UK I am utilizing my skills and qualifications.

I'll keep you up to date with how much a difference the income is making. Although I couldn't have taken a years maternity leave if it wasn't for couponing.