Friday, April 24, 2009

Weaning Baby With Fresh Produce

Bella's second youngest begun the weaning process this month. She was intent on only using fresh (and organic, if possible) produce to start a healthy eating habit. Having weaned her oldest the same way, it only seemed right to the do the same with the second. The only difference this time around was the one-income and living on a tight, tight, budget.

Bella had many coupons for the manufactured baby food. But found that the cost of buying fresh produce, pureeing it, and the overall benefits outweighed the use of jarred baby food. For example you can buy a pack of three first step baby foods for about $1 a pack. But you can buy a bunch of organic banana's for $1.20 at Kroger, which is enough for 5 baby meals and any leftovers can be eaten by the toddler.

Bella will be taking advantage of these specials this week to continue the baby's weaning:

- Organic Mini Peeled Carrots $1/1lb at Randalls
- Green Squash Zucchini $1/1lb at Randalls
- Broccoli Crowns $0.97/1 lb at Kroger
- Organic Gala Apples $0.99/1 lb at Kroger
- Mangoes $1/2 at Fiesta

There is a common misconception that living on a tight budget and couponing, somehow equals an unhealthy diet. Bella's own personal experiences have shown the exact opposite. She has become a more savvy shopper. Saving money on health and beauty items, paper goods and the majority of manufactured food. This has enabled her to enrich the families diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. She checks out the organic section on each shopping trip, for price cuts and will often tailor her husbands lunches around these. All of the benefits are now having a positive affect on her children's eating habits.

Babies and weaning do not have to have a negative impact on the budget, you just have to be more savvy and be prepared to jiggle the numbers around. The outcome for Bella, was being able to wean her baby on fresh produce, and that's the biggest plus of all.

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