Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Catch Up!

We have been AFK (away from keyboard) but still have been following the budget and finding deals. Here's what Bella has been upto:

1. Recieved a second IKEA Free Meal Coupon by taking in a 12inch stack of newspapers;
2. Recieved our $24 Coupon from Staples for recycling ink cartridges;
3. Purchased all our free items thanks to a HEB Mailer and paid $1 for a gallon of milk;
4. Attended a wedding - had a superb lunch! That took care of Saturday's dinner!
5. Redecorated spare room for daughters bedroom, paid only $30 for supplies. The Husband provided free labor!!
6. Spent $0 on 5 packs of toilet paper, three McCormick GrillMates and saved 50% on all of DD's yogurts.

The takeout was the only slip this week!


Sara said...

Great job! LOL about the takeout because that is my downfall too. :)

Deal Fanatic said...

I love this post. I was just thinking of doing the same thing but slightly different. I missed two days from taking a "sick day" and oh boy...lost to RSS subscriptions ;-)
It's amazing. Thanks for sharing your "life continues even when your not at the computer" moments!! Oh I miss IKEA so much.