Monday, April 13, 2009

Tax Season Turmoil

The tax forms have been keeping Bella away from blogging, couponing and every other task in between! Unfortunately, procrastination yet again had got the better of her. Leading to a mad rush, a pile of forms, a lot of head scratching, tears and anxiety! But at last, we can safely say they are done, signed and The Husband will be mailing them tomorrow! For those of you, who would have loved to have been a fly on Bella's wall, here's how the whole sordid event went:

It all began with Form 1040 a week ago, which lead to Schedule SE. This took us straight to form Schedule C, which had to be done twice, only to find out form Schedule SE was no longer never required.


Schedule C directed us to Form 8829 which in turn took us to Form 4562.

Sigh ...

In between all the form filling, head scratching and tears, Publications 537 and 946 were read, causing more confusion than answers.


Back to 1040 (where it began 4 days previously) only to be told to complete three worksheets and Schedule EIC. This led us back to Schedule SE, more head scratching, and Bella tearing the form into tiny pieces.

On Saturday at 12:00 AM to be precise, Bella and The Husband sat back, eyes glazed, content that all was complete and ready to go. But Bella at the zoo (of all places) had a nagging feeling that she had moved a decimal too far over to the right.

She was right. It should have been 610.75 NOT 61075.00.


This lead to ALL the forms having to be re-calculated this evening.

And so ends another tax year. Now to sit and wait for the refund ...


Shelly said...

That's why I get mine done at H&R Block. I'd rather pay than drive myself nuts!

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

I could have helped you with your taxes for free and efiled all the forms for your, email me next time! I live in Houston and work downtown.

I read your about me page, times may seem bad now but just wait, things will get better later on when you can work. One day you will miss the wonderful time you spent with the kids.