Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coupon Brag(ish): Smart Mouthwash Spent $10.30 Saved $53.62

Smart Mouthwash, at Walgreens was originally priced at $7.99. Then clearanced at $4.19, there were $4 MQs that expired 02/28/09. We were able to find eight boxes at three different stores. By now you are probably all scratching your heads, thinking, "Shouldn't the total have been $1.68 not $10.30?". Well (ahem), yes that is true. Except, you did not factor in that The Husband, did the shop last night at Walgreens, not Bella. Instead of handing over the $4 coupons, he handed over $2 off Smart Toothpaste (which Bella had not seperated prior to giving them, as he headed out the door)! He noticed his mistake walking out of the store, went back in and the Manager refused to do anything!! He really did try to rectify the situation, but it was a no-can-do outcome. That is why, this is a coupon brag(ish). But we still think the savings are great, and Bella thinks they shouldn't be too greedy, all the time. Thanks to ZM over at Katy Couponers for the lead on the mouthwash!


ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

lol, you have to love that our dh's TRY! or at least yours does.
My dh won't touch coupons because they never work out for him!

Budget Bella said...

I wince when the DH says I'll go for you. I know he means well, but I often end back up at Customer Service the next day LOL