Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cartridges Magically Turn Into Cash

Staples has been running a scheme for a while, bring in selected ink cartridges and they will reward you $3 per cartridge. However, they did not recycle Epson, the brand Bella uses. Bella has been hoarding her cartridges for a while, hoping some company somewhere would create an incentive. Low-n-behold, Staples last month, extended their policy to accept Epson and other brands. She had 8 cartridges which equals a $24 credit (sometimes being a clutter-bug/ hoarder pays)!

In order to participate you will need to go to the Staples website, register and print off your rewards cards. Simply take the cartridges, your rewards card, then your credit will be posted to you each month you recycle. You can recycle for cash, 10 cartridges each month. That amounts to $30!

Now for Bella's next trick, IKEA magically turns newspaper into swedish meatballs!

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