Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kroger Mega Deal Event: Paid $17.21 Saved $36.46 (67.9%)

This week Bella has kindly published her shopping list for the Kroger Mega Deal Event. The event is a great opportunity to stack a store promotion with coupons, for outrageous savings. It also allows you to stock-pile on various condiments, freezer items and household supplies. To see her three scenario's click here . Hopefully, time permitting, these transactions can be completed tomorrow evening. Bella has a very busy schedule, so we'll see.

Bella also managed to go this evening to get the following 25 items for $17.21, a saving of $36.46. All the items at the bottom (pic 2) qualified for the Mega Deal (buy 10 participating items, receive $5 off). Bella also purchased 2 milks and a Quaker Rice Snack (not depicted; Bella's husband will not wait for pictures to be taken).

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