Monday, December 29, 2008

Cutting up the Cards: Priceless

Bella did it!! She had butterflies and hated to admit, felt nauseous cutting up the cards. The Best Buy Card and the Visa Card - gone (Bella winces). The dread of not having these to fall back on when she wants electronics or need money to pad out the food / gas budget is slightly scary. But Bella knows the benefits will out way this.

She has slowly come to the understanding that just because 'we' need credit cards in our financial economy, to obtain mortgages and the like, 'we' do not need to use and abuse them. So now all Bella has is a MasterCard for unseen emergency medical bills and deductibles. It's a start. As the butterflies disperse, she feels proud and slightly smug about her commitment to stop depending on bad credit. Way to go Bella!!

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