Friday, December 5, 2008

Coupon Underworld .. mwuahhhh!!

There is a wonderful Internet community dedicated to the use of couponing, also referred to as "Extreme Couponing". Having stumbled across the site of the Katy Couponers Bella found a link to Hot Coupon World, and boy it is sizzling in there. For all of you that buy the Sunday paper and throw the inserts away - STOP NOW! Throw away those inserts and you are discarding a tool (money) that will help you to keep your grocery bill on budget.

Having joined a week ago, Bella already managed to save $91 on groceries in 3 shops. It's all about matching those coupons to the offers advertised each week in the stores flyer's. That simple. You then store any unused coupons, and slowly create a stockpile, ready to match to future flyer's. The secret is to buy in bulk, get rainchecks and only buy goods when they are at the lowest pricepoint.

Bella highly recommends you check both of those sites out. Meanwhile, this blog will keep you up to date with our coupon saves.

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