Wednesday, December 10, 2008

16 Kelloggs Cereals: Saved $49.37

Thanks to Katy Couponers, Bella managed this week to buy 16 boxes of Kellogg's cereal for the price of 3. Normally, she purchases monthly store brand cornflakes from Walmart, for $1.89 and store brand oats bi-monthly for $1.39. This means her yearly cereal budget is $31.01. Bella only spent $11.65 for the 16 boxes by stock piling. Leaving $19.36 in her budget! Woo-hoo! The regular price, before coupons and store cards was $61.02. so she actually saved $49.37.

First Bella went to Walgreens. They were selling Kellogg's for $1.99, she used a $1 off coupon. Then she went to Randalls. They were having a Buy 5 Save $5, I used 15 coupons (three IPs and 12 MCs). Even the cashiers commented on what a great deal this was ... it sure was! Bella now has a years supply and doesn't need to worry about breakfast for a long time. Hmm ... only problem now is where to put them all Bella?

Oh! She nearly forgot, she also managed to get a pack of marshmallows free at Randalls with a peelies
from a box and several product tokens that she will be able to trade on Hotcouponworld, for even more savings!

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