Friday, September 10, 2010

OT:Stand Up To Cancer

As I [Alison] type, Stand Up To Cancer is being aired. In the last three years I have lost 3 very close people to Cancer and have an uncle currently fighting Cancer. We were always a family that looked at others and said, "I couldn't imagine how people deal with that." Now we are a family that has and is. 

I stand up for my GodMother, Gina Hastings (aged 54) who died of Ovarian Cancer (within 6 months of being diagnosed). 

I stand up for my Auntie, Anne Howells (aged 56) who also died of Ovarian Cancer (within 8 months of being diganosed).

I stand up for my wonderful Grandmother, Megan Thomas (aged 79), who died of Stomach Cancer, June 2010 (within 6 weeks of being diagnosed). 

I stand up for my couragous Uncle who has been battling cancer for two years and who lost his wife my Auntie to Ovarian Cancer. 

Should you feel led to Stand Up To Cancer, which kills a person EVERY minute in the US. Please donate whatever you can. Even a $1. I hope my message helps this cause. I Stand Up To Cancer.

Please forward, this is not spam. 

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