Wednesday, October 21, 2009

VocalPoint: Olay Pro-X

Did you receive your OLAY Generation Pro-X, 28 day sample? Mine arrived yesterday, with 5 $10/1 coupons to share with friends!

I am very excited to try this out ... according to the media blurb my skin will perform more like it did when I was younger! I'm 31 but the wrinkles are there (upon close inspection)!! I never treat myself to these kind of products, but the word-of-mouth programs I belong to allow me access with ZERO OOP!

Head on over to VocalPoint and sign up! You'll never know what will arrive in your mailbox...

Happy Budgeting and Freebie Hunting!

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1 comment:

Cassie said...

Wow, great freebie! And coupons too!

I've heard great things about this product. I'm only 23 so I don't really need it, but my mom has been wondering about it. I hope you decide to review it. :)