Sunday, October 4, 2009

Budgeting Baby Bella's First Birthday

This year Bella made a promise to herself. Under no circumstances was she to spend over $50 for Baby Bella's 1st birthday gift. Nor was she to spend more than $50 on decorations. Or over $20 on a cake. And absolutely none of it was to be placed on a credit card.

Okay that's four promises. But she's managed to keep all four, so far!

Today she went shopping and was able to purchase the toy she wanted for Baby Bella on sale at Toys R Us for $22.99 (plus tax). She found plates, cups, and tablecloths at the 99 Cent Store (Tip: Check these types of stores first before heading to stores like Party City). These items came to $11 (plus tax). She then headed on over to Party City and purchased a cute party hat and banner for $9. The cake will be free. Yes FREE!


Well, Bella stockpiled on the Duncan Hines cake mixes a while back, and the frosting will be homemade with ingredients already in Bella's baking pantry. So she is planning to make a pull-apart cupcake cake!

Having set-out with a budget of $120 she has only spent to date $43 (plus tax). Anddddd.... it was all paid for with cash! There are still helium balloons to buy, birthday t-shirt and nibbles. Even with these items the birthday budget should come in low ... fingers crossed!


A.Marie said...

Good for you! And, what fun! 1st birthday parties are so exciting! :)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Oh, my kids LOVE baby strollers. She is gonna love that gift. Good luck on the rest of the items. Looks like you have done GREAT so far.

Heather said...

Good Job! I'm tackling the babies 1st bday next month.