Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Budget For Family Fun Too!

When creating your budget, make sure you budget in fun. Dave Ramsey, made a comment recently, that children should still have access to fun and treats (just not in a grotesque, unaffordable, debt-causing amount). I agree.

We have a tradition in our house, which is visiting Houston Zoo for Halloween. We have gone very year since 2006. It was the first place we went for a family outing when I immigrated to Texas. It was the place I walked around 5-6 cms dilated, praying that the zoo vet wouldn't be the one to deliver our new arrival. I had promised my oldest I would take her ... no matter what. I don't like to break promises.

So even though the budget was tight, what with baby Bella's first birthday in the same month, four relatives coming to stay, ect ... We committed to going. It cost us $31 which paid for 2 adults, 1 child and two carousel rides. We did save a heap of money though, by taking a picnic. It included most items I had used coupons for, Capri Sun, aqua pods, cheap bread, cheap Sara lee ham ... you get where I'm going. My parents purchased the Halloween costumes, which is also turning out to be another tradition. This of course helps the budget even more. Thanks Mum!

Here is our budgeted Halloween 2009 fun in action ...

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Happy Budgeting and Freebie Hunting!!


Cassie said...

Look at the cute little pumpkin! She is too cute. So is the adorable witch hehehe. I love that you have this tradition and stuck to going. It's great for your girls, I bet they will always look back on those memories and smile. :)

Becky P said...

Ahh... to be a kid again :) Great idea.