Friday, October 9, 2009

Barter: Waffles and Cookies

This week Bella was able to acquire 6 boxes of Eggo's Waffles and 6 boxes of Earth's Best Organic Cookies, for ZERO OOP!! She traded for 3 Snuggle's $3/1 coupons and 2 Heniz $0.75/1, 4 Hunts $0.45/3 and a $3.50 Glade coupon. The items were obtained in two seperate trades through Bella's local coupon group. Thanks to Heather and Emily!

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Happy Budgeting and Freebie Hunting!!


grace said...

where were you able to get the eggo waffles free oop. we love those for a quick breakfast

Budget Bella said...


I was able to get the Eggos' in a trade. I traded some coupons I did not need with a local Mom that had excess waffles (she had stockpiled them).

It's a great way to save money on the groceries, plus the bartering is ALWAYS fun!