Friday, October 2, 2009


All new members to Hoorray will receive 75 Free Prints (must pay tax and shipping where applicable) and 20% of all Cards & Prints ... Bella has sooo many Baby Bella pictures that will make good use of this. Or she just might wait until after Baby Bella's 1st Birthday on the 23rd and use all 75 for that!! What will you use your 75 for?

Hoorray 20% off prints and cards

Shipping charges for prints standard USPS as follows:

First Photo Print $2.16
Each Additional Photo Print $0.07

This would make the OOP for the 75 prints $7.34 or $0.09 per print.

Click on the banner to be swept away to Hoorray!!

Happy Budgeting and Freebie Hunting!!

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Sara said...

Great find! Any idea how much shipping is for the photos?