Sunday, September 13, 2009

Target Run --- Overage $0.49

After buying the Sunday Paper's for coupons, Bella headed over to Target to get a few deals.

Unfortunately she ran into a problem as the cashier would not take one of the coupons, saying that the balance would be zero. She could not allow that.


Bella had the good sense to pay the $3.51 balance, take her target coupon over to Guest Services and attempt to resolve the problem there. The Guest Service employee couldn't understand Bella's problem. Even though all over the store there are signs saying they accept a manufacturer coupon AND target coupon per item (if the coupons allow it). Bella also had printed off the NEW TARGET COUPON POLICY, that had been posted over on the Katy Couponers blog. This helped her case.

The Manager turned up and said Bella owed $1.44. She was fine with this and not about to argue over $1.44 as she did have over $20 worth of merchandise. Plus she is a great believer in "picking battles". Not only that before she went to checkout she calculated she would owe $2.44 (so was in confusion over the original zero balance claim).

However the G.S employee handed Bella $4 in cash back, in exchange for the coupon. Target paid Bella $0.49 ... and she still is not entirely sure why!!

So here is what Bella thought it should be:

Cascade Rinse $3.14 - FREE item coupon
Nescafe Choice $1
Quattro Blades $9.44 - $4 MQ - $4 Target Q
Kotex $2.94 - $1 MQ - $2 Target Q
Kotex $2.94 - $1 MQ - $2 Target Q
Kotex $2.94 - $1 MQ - $2 Target Q

Total $2.44 0r $2.26 (if overage given on Kotex)

What happened according to receipt:

The problem was due to two of the Kotex products ringing up at half price, something that the staff and Bella never noticed! They have different UPC numbers ... so ladies ... if you are in Target rummage for the Kotex Light Days 64 ct with the UPC # 036000010954 ....

Happy Budgeting and Freebie Hunting!!

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