Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pennies Into Gifts

Do you, like Bella have a change jar, which you periodically drag down to the grocery store machine and change into cash?

When you do this you may pay 8.9 cents per dollar. Now there's a way to change it for free!

Coinstar has teamed with a selection of stores and online shops, that allow you to change your cash into a giftcard or eCertificate for free! (never expires!)
-Borders (instore or online)
-Eddie Bauer
-i Tunes
-JCPenney (online or catalogue only)
-Lowes (instore or online)
-Old Navy
-Starbucks Coffee

Bella is always scrambling for change to put in her rainy day jar. But with Christmas budgeting around the corner, she has her eyes on several of the stores. The i Tunes would make a great gift for her teenage nieces and nephews. The Starbucks Coffee for friends and ....

Old Navy and Borders for herself!! Even Budget Bella deserves a treat!

So how does it work? Well according to the Coinstar website it is this simple:

(Go to a Coinstar location first)
Press the “Cash in Coins” button and then the “Free Coin Counting” button
Select the retail brand of your choice
Pour your coins into the tray
In just minutes, you’ll receive your fully loaded card or eCert right from the

machine !

There's no 2-4 week waiting, no emailing. Pretty neat way of turning those pennies into a gift or two ... definitely a budget maker!

Happy Budgeting and Freebie hunting!!

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