Monday, August 10, 2009

Phew ... What A Weekend.

As you can tell from the last post Bella was having A/C problems on Thursday. Friday brought about a load more problems, all in some way relating to finances. On Friday, Bella had to lose a client, resulting in a loss of $400 a month. 3 hours after the call to terminate clients contract the A/C outdoor fan and motor stopped.

Bella and family sat sweating it out until 10pm when the HVAC Guy came. $139 to be told the repairs are going to cost $4339. Ouch. So Bella and The Husband applied for credit, and were amazed to be approved (but denied 6 months no interest). But they had to put up another $90. This combined with the $139 would make up the first and last month's payment. Well they turned up 3 hours late on Saturday but replaced the capacitor, evap coil, and fan motor. By 8pm the house was cool and all was calm ..

Until Sunday.

Sunday brought it's own issues, as some days do. At 12:30pm the house got hot. Jumped 4 degrees in 20 minutes. Well of course it would if warm air is blowing in. Bella had that sinking feeling in her stomach, the same she had on Friday when presented with an invoice for $4339. She only had $16 in savings and had decreased her monthly income by $400.

This time the compressor had stopped. Thankfully, The Husband went into assertive mode, especially as Bella had gone pale and kept shaking her head in disbelief, muttering to herself about $16 in savings. Thankfully there was a 30 day warranty on labor. The man put in a Compressor Starter Kit for free, after The Husband refused to give the company another dime.

So here we are today, with Bella sat in a comfortable 75 degree room, thinking that she better find another client quick. Before the next financial issue arrives ...

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HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

So you spent over 4,000 on AC??? Crap that seems a bit high, did you shop around? might be too late now. TOMORROW I want you to call your home insurance agent and try to claim this, think of something... we've had storms recently, maybe you can say a power surge damaged the compressor etc. It worked for us, we claimed our AC, search on my blog and you will see a post about it. BUT PLEASE CALL HIM! 4000 IS A LOT OF $$$