Sunday, August 2, 2009

CVS Dash, First-Ever Barter and 2 Kroger Trips!

Bella started her day at 7am with a quick dash to CVS. She grabbed 5 boxes of Electrasol/Finish 20ct. They were 2/$9. She used 5 $2.50/1 coupons making her OOP $10.83. CVS then rewarded her with $10 in Extra Care Bucks. Which she will use later this week.

By 7:45am she arrived at the 99 Cent Store to buy 9 Sunday Newspapers. Bella buys 9 because she generally only shops at Kroger, and they only triple/double 3 like coupons per transaction. This way she knows she has enough for three transactions, which makes the organizing of shopping trips easier.

She had 5 more $2.50/1 Electrasol coupons left, having reached the household limit of 1 set by CVS. Bella considered asking a friend or relative to use their card to get another deal, but being that she now has a year's stockpile there didn't seem much point. So she thought she would try to barter/trade on her local coupon group.
Well after a couple of hours someone replied! This is how the bartering by email went:
I have just been to CVS and grabbed all I can fit in my house. I have 5 coupons left they expire on the 9th. If you buy 5 at 2/$9 at CVS you will get a $10 ECB back. So it's like paying $0.83 for five boxes.
I will trade for actual products:
Cereal (rice krispies, cheerioes)
Bath tissue
Dish detergent (antibacterial preferably)
Chef Boyarde (excuse spelling) ABCs or Forkables
Size 3 Diapers (Huggies/Pampers)
Baby Wipes Unscented.
I would prefer to trade like value for value. I'm sure we could barter!!I am willing to meet you in a central location (eg. at a Kroger)either today or during the evening.
Potential Trader:
Tell me about the trade... I do have multi Grain Cheerios and dish detergent .
How many does the trade involve? Really don't do trades. Thanks!
Hi xxxx, 5 coupons are $2.50/1, that's a value of $10. Lets say a box of whole grain is about $2.50? Detergent $0.99 (?). So depending on what you had I would trade all 5 coupons for say 4 boxes of cereal and 2 detergents, or 5 detergents and two boxes of cereal. This way we are trading value for value (give or take a couple of dollars). This way you pay with your stockpile not your cash, and are still able to get a good deal on dishwasher tabs! I am happy to negotiate amounts. :) If you are interested please let me know what quantities of each for the 5 $2.50/1 and a good place and time you can do trade.
Potential Trader:
Could you please tell me where you got the orginial coupons... Then I can see if I have any.
Thank you for your help!
They are in 07/12 SmartSource.
Potential Trader:
I remember using my 1 at Target... So..
How about 1 box of Rice Krispes (12 oz), 1 box Multi Grain Cheerios (12.8 oz), 1 box of Kashi Go Lean Crunch (15 oz), 2 Dawn Antibacterial Liquid and 1 Super Concentrate Lemu Hard water Dishwasher Cleaner. (You add it to the dishwasher with your detergent...)
Let me know.. Are they expiring today?
They are expiring on the 9th . Sounds great! I can meet you this evening between 6 and 7pm. Or earlier. I am located near xxxx and xxxx so just say where. I don't mind driving to yours either, if that's easier.
Potential Trader:
Can we do @ 7 PM at the Krogers @ by you. What is that cross street on xxx?
The cross street is xxxx xxxx . The address is xxxxx. My husband will be there he'll be waiting outside by the entrance on the left. His name is The Husband, he'll be wearing a gray t-shirt and khaki shorts. He'll be there waiting at 7pm! Thanks again!
Poential Trader, Now Actual Trader:
I can leave now..
He's leaving now! :) He'll be outside waiting.
So for this:

Bella got this:

Then if her day hadn't been busy enough two trips to Kroger resulted in these items:

She saved 52% in the above transaction paying OOP $39.16. The second transaction had an OOP of $3.19 with a saving of 78%
Not bad for a days work!
Happy Budgeting and Freebie Hunting!!!

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