Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What goes in must come out ...

Bella is in the mood for writing down the numbers. Plus its cathartic, so perhaps she's letting you know for purely selfish reasons.


Then again, we all know how refreshing it can be to see other people's figures. This lets us release a sigh of relief, and "Holly Cow, I thought we were in the deep!". If that's the case with you, Bella is glad she could help.

Enough chat.

Lets get down to the nitty-gritty ...

WHAT GOES IN ($3851 monthly = $46220 annually):

$2860 - $34320 - The Husbands Primary Income (after tax, health, dental and vision)
$991 - $11900 Bella's Child Care Income (after SE Tax of 15%)

MUST COME OUT ($2981 monthly = $35772 annually):
*Before posting this we realized the figures were back to front, but were to lazy to switch, at least we noticed.

$11160 - $930 Mortgage (Combines mortgage insurance, house insurance, taxes)
$1320 - $110 Electricity
$360 - $30 Gas
$600 - $50 MUD (Water, Sewage, Waste)
$3840 - $320 Groceries (combines food, health and beauty and paper products)
$1272 - $106 Cable, Internet and Land line
$2364 - $197 Car Loan (Membersource)
$1140 - $95 Car Insurance (Amica)
$1440 - $120 Gasoline
$1260 - $105 Furnace (American General)
$360 - $30 Dental (Care Credit)
$312 - $26 Laptop (Best Buy)
$852 - $71 Credit Card 1
$900 - $75 Credit Card 2
$2052 - $171 Student Loan USA
$6540 - $545 UK Credit Cards (Bella used these to live on in her student years)

This leaves an overage of $870 a month or $10448 a year. Not much but enough to help with a few unseen expenses and to help pay off some debt. The figures above do not take into account the extra income brought in by The Husbands lacrosse, volleyball and tutoring (about $4000 annually). Nor does it show all the savings made with couponing.

Bella figures that they could comfortably put $500 towards a debt each month, and the rest can go into savings for any unseen monthly expenses. But that's another post for another day ...

Happy Budgeting and Freebie Hunting!!


HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

With $870 left, why don't you pay off Best Buy and Dental right away, next month pay off Credit Card 1, following month pay the other card off, after 4 months you have 4 less bills to pay and you save that money every month afterwards...


Site Owner said...

HS That is a wonderful idea! Having a fresh set of eyes really helps sometimes, thats why I like to air my "debt"! I have been considering the snowball method for a while. Just need to bite the bullet now ... xxx

Site Owner said...

I've also been considering using the $4000 unaccounted income to pay a lump sum of debt which would help too!

Site Owner said...

Cris Mullen, thank you for your comment. Due to the link we were unable to make it public. Thank you for your understanding.