Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Act Of Kindness

Bella received a bag of baby girl clothes from one of the children's moms, whom Bella provides childcare for. It was very unexpected, and could not have happened at a better time. Having two girls, naturally means handy-me-downs from Big Sis' to Lil' Sis'.

Not quite.

Bella had the first girl in December in the UK and didn't immigrate to the USA until the following year in October. Big Sis' handy-me-downs are winter, autumn and a few shirts and shorts.

Not really suitable to pass on to Lil' Sis', who is living in the 99 degree Summer of Texas. Bella has been very lucky with clearance and sale items. But this random act of kindness could not have happened at a better time!

So when some one is the recipient of such an act, it is only right to create a random act of kindness for another. Bella decided to have a good rummage in her closet and filled a large bag of used, but in great condition clothes. She offered them on freecycle this morning. Needless to say they were taken in an instant ... and so the cycle continues.

Happy Budgeting and Freebie Hunting!

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