Thursday, May 21, 2009

There is nothing cheaper, than having it already!

"There is nothing cheaper, than having it already. "
(The Husband, May 2009)

Said whilst Budget Bella was strolling down the aisles of online stores, and freecycle offers.

He's so clever at times ... at times.

But he does have a point.

Even with freecycle, Bella uses gas which will eventually have to be paid for. Then there's the takeouts, Bella' s number one weakness. Oh yes, people, she has perfectly good food in the pantry and a severe case of 'lazy-lazy's' to go with it. And what about redecorating a room, chances are with a lick of paint, which you probably have left over in the shed, that unwanted piece of furniture suddenly has a new purpose and lease-of-life.

Before you think of buying something or heading off to get the latest 'free-find', we recommend (especially to Bella) to look around, dig deep in the closest, garage, basement and attic. You may actually already have what you were heading out the door for.


Cheryl Isaac said...

Ditto! Great post. I think we always forget what we have when we're teased by the thrill of new or easy things. If only we can remember to go shopping in our closets :-)

Kimberly said...

Absolutely! To sorta add to the subject....I thought it was funny when our sitter came to the house the other day -- I needed to pay her $40 for watching the kids last week. She asked if she could just shop my stockpile and get up to $40 in groceries -- then I would save money and she wouldn't have to go shopping! I was totally game and so excited about the prospect of not having to pay her!! Both of us are super happy! I love it!
Good post, Bella!