Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week, as you may or may not know, is Teacher Appreciation Week. Bella's Husband is an elementary teacher, and has been the recipient of the aforementioned appreciation. He has had his car washed by the PTA (the "clean me" is no longer visible - yay!), had snacks provided, but best of all he returned home today with a full meal to share with the family! As Bella's family consists of two adults, a toddler that lives on air, and a baby, there is enough for at least three meals.

Thank you so much, to all the parents who contribute to such events and recognise the hard work and dedication of Teachers. It makes it all worthwhile!

If you would like to support a school or your children's school, please participate in Box Tops For Education. All you have to do is tear off the little tokens which can be found on many products and drop them off at a school. For more information on how you can help click here:

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A.Marie said...

Oh my Gosh!! That is incredibly awesome! What a great school you have! My sister follows your blog, and now, so am I!