Monday, May 11, 2009

Bella's Budget Breaker Highlights

When Ramsey tells you to have a $1000 in an emergency fund - do it. When Orman tells you to have an emergency fund equivalent to 8 months salary - just do it. Bella learnt the hard way this week. It started with the house getting slowly hotter and hotter and the A.C working harder and harder. A somber visit from the AC Man soon discovered an Evap Coil Leak. The quote $1400.


He topped up the freon, which resulted in instant coolness, and an instant bill of $125. When asked how long the freon would last, the honest response was, "Ma'am, How long is a piece of string?".

Point taken.

Then in the middle of the week, The Husband's relative was in an accident, thank goodness it was not fatal, but the to and fro-ing from the hospital resulted in all of next week's gas money being spent ($25), and half a day pay deduction from work ($100). But they are okay, and they are now well and that's all that counts.

But on Friday, The Husband stopped at the library, dropped off the books. Returned to the car, turned the key in the engine and ...


The battery had completely gone. A jump start, only gave him enough charge to get the car back home. He had been going to work so had to cancel tutoring, a loss of $30. Then the new battery cost $106.

So for Mother's Day, Bella got a new battery and freon! Yay!

Oh and two cute smiles, to wake her up in the morning. And they were priceless.

Happy Budgeting and Freebie Hunting!


Together We Save said...

I have auto trouble.

kimberly said...

Oh, Bella.... What an week you guys had.... You guys hang in there! You know, when it rains, it pours!
I would have kicked the air conditioning repairman in the knee for being such a smarty pants!
Glad you had a great morning on Mom's Day!

Site Owner said...

Together we Save, we feel your pain!

Thanks Kimberly, we are great believers that bad things happen in 3s. So fingers crossed that's us done for a while ;)