Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bella holds her head up high and yells ...


The Husband's response?

Someone has to.

Anyway ...

We have posted twice before how Bella uses IKEA's paper recycling scheme to take advantage of the free restaurant meals. She went two weeks ago and received three meals (Vegetarian Lasagna $6.99, Breaded Chicken Fingers and Fries $4.99 and a plate of pasta covered with a yummy sauce for $1.99) all for free. All she had to pay for was the $1 refill soda's. The food is actually quite good, for the price. Bella has been to other places, the 59 Diner for example, where the food was dry, cold and coughed on by a waiter (eww, yuck and she's never going back). And was charged double the price and struggled with the whole ethics on tipping.

Well, would you believe it? Last week, Bella's daughter's IKEA Kids club membership arrived, it included a FREE Kids meal and FREE Parent's meals (up to a $10 value). So The Husband was dragged back, muttering something about, "Please, please not two weeks in a row", or something to that effect. At least this time he was spared The Marketplace, thanks in part to a screaming three year old! Bella thinks The Husband fed her sugary things .. of course she has no evidence, but the timing of it was a little too coincidental.

If you are in IKEA dropping off your 12 inch stack of unfolded, no inserts (they'll measure it, mark our words) newspapers, be sure to sign-up for the Kids Club too!

Happy Budgeting (and freebie hunting)!

P.S: Mother's get to eat free on Mother's Day!! We can already see The Husband beginning to grimace!!


CJ Sime said...

I've never been to IKEA, but I have definitely been feeling the itch. This post has pushed me a little closer.

Site Owner said...

Oh My Gosh (OMG to any teens reading) ... go now! LOL!! I cannot believe you have never been to IKEA. You know there is actually some good household items and deals to be found in there. But be warned, once you are in, trying to find an exit is near to impossible ... they refer to it as the IKEA Experience. :)

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

I have never heard of their recycling program but can easily aquire 12 in stack of papers in a weeks time! Hmmm, might just have to venture out, but dang I hate the crowds.
I do however LOVE the kitchen gadgets at Ikea and the prices are wonderful!

Site Owner said...

You need a 12 inch stack, unfolded(folded in half is fine but not in quaters), NO Inserts or flyers, take them straight customer service. They keep it kind of hush, occasionally you see info about it doted about in the restaurant.

We normally take in a stack as soon as the store opens on the weekends, as no crowds. Then enjoy the 99 cent breakfast, browse the marketplace and we are all out by 10:30/11am when the crowds are starting to come in. Then when we feel vrave we head on over on a weekend afternoon to claim our free lunches. But we normally just go for lunch as the crowds at tis time are horrible!!

pam said...

This is awesome! I have a huuuuuge stack in my car and another at my SIL's house. So I forsee free lunch in my future. If I brought in 3-4 12" stacks would it be 3-4 coupons or just one coupon per person?

Site Owner said...


That is a good question I have only ever taken one stack at a time, and we think one coupon = one meal (exc. drinks). Though the last time we went we had two coupons and three meals on our tray. We got it all for free (exc. drinks).

I'm sure if you took all three you'd soon find out! Let us know if you do.

We really do like this scheme because it's a good way to recycle and get something back for the original cost of the newspapers. We take in our in-laws too :)

ZM (zoeys_mom) said...

yeah I read right, unfolded and I can easily get this in one weekend :)
too bad I am NOT on your drive there or you could pick them up from me. I usually dump them at the local school recycle bin