Thursday, April 30, 2009

BZZ REPORT: Afrin PureSea & $3 Coupon Link!

As a BzzAgent, Bella has the opportunity to receive samples and coupons for a variety of products. She recently joined the Afrin PureSea campaign, and with the cold and flu flying about it, it has been a blessing! Instead of relying on medication and chemicals, turning to a natural based product is a nice treat for the body. There is also a $3 coupon being offered on their site."

Afrin PureSea, is a hydrating nasal rinse, it contains just one ingredient. Yes, that's right. Just one. 100% purified sea water. That's it. This simple ingredient, according to Bella's Official BzzGuide, is put "through a sterilizing filtration process to remove any impurities or microorganisms". It is "free of drugs or preservatives".

Bella recently had the opportunity to put the product to the test. You may have noticed for the last week our posts have been very infrequent. This was due to Bella & Co., fighting awful colds. As Bella is still nursing her baby, her choice of medication was very limited. So in an effort to rid herself of her severe nasal and sinus congestion, she turned to her sample of Afrin PureSea. Bella found the product fairly easy to implement, and the instructions very clear. The results however were wonderful! We'll spare you the fine details, and let you fill in the blanks. But after using the product by the end of the day, she was breathing better and the pressure in her sinuses had been relieved.

Afrin PureSea Nasal Rinse can be used when you have excess mucus, or after exposure to:

* and germs.

With all the colds and flu going around, what a great and natural way to help keep your body's natural filter, the nose, in working order. Click here and you can print a $3 coupon for the product, which can be found in the cough and cold aisle. They even have products suitable for children as young as 6 months. Bella hopes you'll be "breathing freely", through all natural, nasal rinsing!!

Have you used this product before? Did you print the coupon? How will you be trying to keep the cold and flu at-bay? Let Bella know by leaving a comment today!

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