Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank The Manager For His Specials!

Bella did a quick dash to Kroger's last night and paid $2.76 for all of this. It should have been $15.56.

The Vegan Hot Dogs were originally priced $3.39 but were on Managers Special for $0.79. The Vegan Bologna was $2.99, but reduced to $0.59. All of this can be frozen, always a plus. Needless to say that, The diet-conscious, fitness guru, no-beef-shall-enter-my-mouth Husband, was very happy with Bella's find (Note to our Readers, Bella is NONE of these). She also threw in her cart, three Yakisoba which were free after the coupon ($1 - $0.35 tripled = Free). Then Bella settled in the baby aisle for 5 minutes, finding $1 Peelies to use on her next trip this week to purchase baby wipes (these will be free after the coupon). Thanks to ZM at Katy Couponers for the lead on the Peelies, they are now at Bella's store too - yay!
Now back to the title of the post ... To the Manager's of Kroger we salute you! Keep those specials coming!
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