Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. All in a single transaction!

Bella did a quick shop at Walgreens today and was both successful and unsuccessful at the same time. She had intended for the following scenario:

8 trial size dove
1 Speed Stick
Reach toothbrush
Listerene Mouthwash 500ml
Reach Floss

OOP: 1.49 after coupons and register rewards.
Recieve: $15 in Register Rewards.

Bella was successful in paying just $1.49 for everything on the list. However, she got back $0 in RRs. That's right ziltch, zip, zero, nothing. And there were three reasons why:
1. The trial size is no longer included in the Dove promotion;
2. It should have been a twin toothbrush pack to get the $6 RR
3. The wrong deodarant to get the $1 back.

At first Bella sulked (not very attractive), feeling that she had wasted her $10 RR and $9 in coupons. Then came to and realized that she had just saved $23.28. She used the giftcard to pay, so she really wasn't out to begin with. There is always a bright side. Plus, everything she purchased she needed and she recieved a $1.50/2 catalina. Not a complete waste of Register Rewards and coupons.

So what can our readers learn from Bella's Register Reward disaster:

1. Read the couponing forums.
Had she had done this Bella would have known that the trial size was no longer working in the promotion.
2. Take the flyer with you and read the fine print.
Then Bella would have purchased the twin pack and not the single toothbrush.
3. Buy the correct product.
Bella purchased the right brand but not the correct product.
4. Don't be greedy, helps avoid dissappointment.
A saving is a saving afterall.
5. Learn from the above and do better next time!!
Bella's actually going back to try a couple of the promotions above again this evening.


elle-tn said...

This happens to me too. I don't return things because I feel guilty/silly. I figure it doesn't matter I get so many things for free I end up coming out ahead in the long run.

Budget Bella said...

The DH kept telling Bella to go back in. But she felt silly too and just chalked it up to experience. Lesson learnt. There's always next time. lol :P