Friday, April 3, 2009

Rolling At Krogers With A Money Maker

After the Walgreen's episode with the Register Rewards, Bella decided to have another try at "rolling", this time in Kroger. She had received $3 OYNO (Off Your Next Order) by completing the Pillsbury promotion at the the beginning of the month. Initially it did not print, but a quick call to a very nice man called Curtis at Catalina Marketing, and it arrived within three days. Thank you Curtis.

Initally Bella was adamant that she was not going to venture into a store today (she has Couponing Burnout - awww) and the rain had arrived. Until she read Kimberly's post at Just Frugalicious. Having seen the great deal, she decided it wasn't one she wanted to miss out on. So as soon as The Husband arrived home, he was promptly greeted with a shopping list and coupons. Poor man!

Well The Husband, thanks to Bella's list, did good. Buying everything for the grand total of $1.50!

Transaction details as follows:
(6) Ramen Noodles at $0.15
(3) Pills. Crescent Rolls at $1.25
(2) Pills. Grand Rolls at $1.25
(1) Yoplait Kids Yogurts at $2.25
= $9.40
- (3) $0.25 Mqs tripled
- (1) $0.30 MQ tripled
- (1) $0.50 Loadable for the Grands.
- (1) $1 off Pillsbury Promotion when you buy 4.
- $0.25 tax (??)
=$1.50 plus another $3.00 ONYO back!!

If your in Kroger this week be sure to use the two great promotions going on. The first being the Pillsbury Catalina deal to receive OYNO order coupons (finishes 03/29). Then the Kroger deal, Buy 4 get a $1 off of the Pillsbury crescent 4ct and Grand 5ct , other varieties included (03/25 - 03/31). Needless to say Bella will be doing a whole lot of rolling to get in on the Money Making Deals this week, suddenly the "Couponing Burnout" has been cured.

Upromise: Register your grocery card and save when you shop!


Anonymous said...

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Together We Save said...

Wow. You did really well.