Monday, March 30, 2009

The good, the bad and the down right ugly!

Well where to begin? Lets start with the worst and end on a high. Bella received her letter from the Appraisal Office and discovered the market value for her residence is $15,000 less than when she purchased it back in 2006. She also tried to see if it was possible to refinance. Nope. Falling right in the middle of the mortgage chaos, she is in the category that cannot be helped. Bella did not have an excessive mortgage, nor lives in a fancy-to-do part of town. She took less money than what her lender offered and purchased a 1984 single family home, in a street that has seen better days, but is still welcoming. So there will be no chance of selling up any time soon. And the move back to the UK will not happen in the near future. We will get back to the topic of negative equity and what to do about it sometime this week.

Now for the bad. Well Bella really has nothing to say here. Things were either downright ugly or just plain okay. Phew.

So for the good! Bella just found out that she has 1745 MyPoints and she achieved all of these through opening the emails, completing a couple of surveys and signing up for the occasional newsletter. She can redeem these points for gift cards and it gets even better, IF she can find 5 people to sign-up before March 31st she can earn 1250 more. This will get her closer to the Walmart Gift card. So Bella Readers ... do you have a MyPoints account? Noooo? Want to earn gift cards? Yes!? Then Bella would love to refer you. Just place your email in the box below and you will receive a referral email from MyPoints. Bella made enough for her first gift card in two and a half months. Thanks for being a referral, it'll brighten up Bella's week!

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