Friday, March 6, 2009

eBooks - Budget Friendly & Eco-Friendly

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Bella has been out rummaging through the aisles of some of her favorite virtual stores, being one of them! She was pleased to find that they are offering 20% off at checkout on the following categories:
Fiction - Action and Adventure

True Crime




Use the coupon code Categorysalecp at the payment details page to claim your discount on eBooks in any of these categories.

For those of you not familiar with or have yet to use eBooks, now is a good time to make the leap. Ever the traditionalist, Bella does normally prefer holding the book, turning the pages etc .. but with two young kids, damaged books and missing bookmarks are a regular occurrence. Also eBooks are environmentally friendly, cutting down on the waste of trees. They also fulfill Bella's need for instant gratification, no shipping here!

To read the eBook you will need to install the FREE reader also available through You can use the eBooks on a handheld device, laptop or desktop. They truly are a convenient resource. And with prices often well below hard copy books, they can be found to be budget friendly!

1 comment:

Heidi said...

I ♥ my Kindle for many of the same reasons...lost bookmarks, damaged books, what to do with the book once you have read it, less paper waste etc.

Nice thing about the Kindle is you can take your book anywhere. Plus you can do Audio Books and music on it too which is nice on car trips.