Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where would you be today IF you really lived within your means?

Coming home from visiting the In-Laws, Bella pondered this question. It was something that had been on her mind since reading the book Maxed Out, by James D. Scurlock. What if they had never relied on credit cards and personal loans? Would their life have been much different to the life they are living now? Currently, living in a small, single family home, comfortably furnished, but yet to be decorated; Bella could not imagine apartment complexes and townhouses squeezed together. But that is where she should be. A two bedroom apartment, in a not-so-well-to-do part of town. There would be no i-pod or laptop with which to blog on. Her children would have to rely on make-believe, rather than, brightly colored (close to tacky) Mickey Mouse toys to entertain them.

Decreasing your debt and being without excessive credit, does mean a change in lifestyle. It also means reassessing what is important to you socially and materialistically. It was hard for Bella. What was she really prepared to let go of in order to live on the one income? A question many people ask themselves, answer, yet very rarely commit to. As she turned into the driveway of their modest home, Bella knew this was something she was not willing to sacrifice - yet. But the tacky, brand name toys, that belted out those awful fisher-price pop hits - well she could commit to leaving those out forever.

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