Friday, February 27, 2009

Reducing Your Phone Bill - Everyone Can Do It!


This is another tried and tested, highly recommended budget friendly product. Bella has been using this since June 2008 and will never go back to using another provider again. With the MagicJack device, you will pay $19.95 a year for all your local and long distance calls. Plus if like Bella, you make international calls, you can get an unbelievable rate. Bella pays just $10 for 400 minutes to Europe!!

MagicJack is offering a 30 day free trial! And you'll know by the end of the week its a keeper. You can read Bella's experience and how she saved on her previous post,
"Firing The Phone Company: Saved $700".

Remember you have 30 days to try it test and if you don't like it return it! You have nothing to lose and you do not have to cancel your current provider (even if you decide to keep it!). All you need is an Internet connection. This is actually very, very simple! Just click on an image in this post to be re-directed to the MagicJack order form!!
We think this would be a great gift for high school graduates about to leave home and start college, new homeowners and just about everyone!


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