Monday, February 23, 2009

Organic Weetabix Coupons

Bella loves Weetabix, and used to eat them all the time in the UK. However, here in the USA, they have been either hard to find or a little pricey. A quick email (which complimented the product and asked if it would be possible to recieve coupons) to the company this morning resulted in this response:

Hi Bella,
Thank you for taking the time to send an e-mail to Weetabix Food Company. Yes, we'll be happy to send you some coupons good for any of our products. Look for your coupons to arrive soon in the U.S. Mail.We hope you continue to enjoy Weeatbix products in the best of health!
Best regards,
Technical Services
Coordinator Weetabix North America
Barbara's Bakery Division
These coupons will definitely go to good use! We'll let you know as soon as they arrive.

On a similar note in the mail this week, Bella also received:
2 Free Copies of Parenting Magazine;
1 Free Copy of All You Magazine (with great coupons inside);
1 Free Sample of Tampax Pearl with coupon,
1 Huggies Home Mailer with three coupons inside.

It really does pay to hunt down Freebies and Coupons, with a little bit of time the savings truly do mount up! You can get free samples by using the images in the left-hand bar of this site. All links have been verified and used by Bella too!

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Anonymous said...

Most stores charge $4.50 or so for Weetabix. The cheapest place we have found - if you have one near you, is Trader Joes. $2.69! Hope this helps you and anyone else for that matter!