Friday, February 13, 2009

IKEA: Free Restaurant Coupons. (UPDATED)

On February 3rd 2009, we posted a small article, IKEA: Free Restaurant Coupons. To update you, Bella finally took her 12 inches of newspaper as per the instructions in the aforementioned article. She stopped at the Houston store and dragged the pile into Customer Service. Firstly, the staff were impressed she had the pile ready to be measured, and secondly, they actually do whip out a measuring tape. Much to Bella's amusement. You then have to sign your name in a little book. This is when she realised the limited number of people that use this scheme, they have only had 360 paper donations.

The coupon has no expiration date, so Bella is planning on saving another pile, allowing her and her husband to enjoy their free meal together (4 weeks from now) - awww. Whilst she was there she decided to stop and have a $0.99 breakfast and enjoyed free coffee (with refills). Then a quick walk through the market place, to get 3 packs of lightbulbs all for free as she had an IKEA coupon for $6.98 from a previous shopping trip (you can earn cash back on debit purchases, towards your next debit purchase). Not bad for a Friday morning at all!

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