Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Budgeting Booklists Helps Budget College!

Buy Your Textbooks Now!

Are you or someone you know at college or going back to college? Worried about rising tuition and living expenses? Textbooks can make a big dent in the school budget. That's why it pays to do a little research and find the best value for your books. Now , before the dedicated penny pincher's, jump on their recycled soapbox (all of which Bella is and owns!), we know the library is ALWAYS the number one option. However, the library can have its limits, with due dates and the rule of not writing in the books. Not to mention not enough copies of a book.

We at A Budget Bella, think we have found a great alternative, a company called
Textbooklink (TBL). Through them you buy the book, use the book and then sell the book! Its a one stop bookshop for students! The online store also has a "book bounty", section, putting out a wanted post and reward for books it is hoping to obtain. Who knows, you may have a bandit book lurking on your shelf, waiting to earn you a reward!

Textbooklink, also highlights how the company's buy, use, sell strategy helps to maintain a "green" ethos, as this naturally creates recycling. Something Bella, fellow penny pincher's, and our frugal readers strongly advocate. So don't hesitate, surf on over to Textbooklink, save some money, earn some money and contribute to recycling too! - Your Link to Textbook Savings

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