Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Fit On A Slim Budget

Did you make a News Years Resolution to get fit, lose weight, start going to the gym? You wouldn't be alone. And, how many of you signed up to a gym, or hired a personal trainer, but are no longer putting in the hours?

If you had just taken the time to search the amenities in your local community, you could have struck gold, like Bella. In Bella's community, there is a free fully equipped gym, swimming pool, and put-put golf. No, she does not live in a gated community! Bella's county actually provides this free of charge to all county residents. Even visitors to the county can register to use the facilities - all for FREE! The facility even offers, free American Red Cross classes, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Body Sculpting, and Mommy and Me sessions. Bella found her community centers by Googling her county, state and the phrase "community center", click here to see her results.

Would you also like the "services" that a personal trainer can offer, but it doesn't fit into your budget? Then sign up for or, both are free to join. They help you create goals to stay fit, meal planners and calorie counters. These sites have online communities too, so you can make friends and find moral support. Additionally, for those of us that need rewards (Bella always needs rewards - ha!) they allow you to accumulate points to turn into prizes! What more do you need to motivate you?

Eating healthy, also does not need to be a "budget breaker". Just make sure to clip the weekly coupons and match them to store promotions. This will ensure you get a budget friendly price, for your snacks and weight-loss brands. Watch the weekly fliers for deals on fresh, fruit,vegetables and organic foods. Being on a budget and couponing, does not mean you have to eat unhealthy foods.

Throw away your gym card (after canceling your membership), whip out your laptop and dig out the weekly Ads! Because, with a little research, planning and commitment you really can keep your budget slim, whilst staying fit and healthy.

Do you have access to local facilities for free, Bella would love for you to leave a link and a review for your community in the comments section below!

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