Thursday, February 19, 2009

Budget Baby: Uninsured AND Pregnant

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Budgeting for a baby can be stressful even with insurance covered. If you find yourself pregnant without insurance, you should consider applying for the Maternity Card PPO. Or if you know someone that is, Bella suggests signing up for free information, to help ease their concerns. Perhaps you want to have a baby, but have lost or never had insurance, sign-up now to know your options. The Maternity Card guarantees to save its customers money on the following maternity services:

• Doctor Visits
• Hospital Stays
• Lab Work
• Sonograms
• 24 Hour Counseling
• 24 Hour Nurse Hotline
• Anesthesiologist
Pre Natal Vitamins
• Newborn Tests and checkups
• Immunizations
• Prescription Coverage

The Maternity Card, can save a women up to 60% off medical bills!! Click on the banner to get your information Today!

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