Monday, December 15, 2008

Free Coupon Organizer

Well,Bella has gone coupon crazy. Having clipped coupons from three Sunday Inserts, an ALL You magazine and about 50 internet printables, she was swamped by a mound of little bits of paper. She tried to recycle old envelopes to categorize them, but this was not practical for going to the store. So Bella searched on and was about to purchase baseball card protector sheets and binders, when a light bulb went off. Free-cycle! For some reason Bella offers loads but always forgets to check it out before heading to the shops (Tut! Tut! Bella). Anyway, to cut a short story, even shorter (Bella loves to talk!), she put out a WANT post and recieved three replies. Three trips in the car and Bella was able to recieve 130 sheets and 2 binders. Voila! Organised coupons.

Bella would like to remind everybody to sign up for their local Free-cycle group. Lets help keep those items out of landfills. Your junk really can be someones treasure and help them save a few dollars from unnecessary spending.

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